Time Management

Way back in 2014 I was in a class and they had us watch this video on time management.

At first, I thought it was going to be boring and I would just listen to it as background noise. That soon changed as I listened to what he was saying.

Randy Pausch, the speaker, is now dead. He died of pancreatic cancer back in 2008.

What was so amazing about this talk is that he was dying, and still had time to give motivational speeches. And the fact that he did so instead of spending as much time with his family as he could really speaks to me.

Now, I know what he’s talking about is a little outdated, but the core of his presentation still has meaning.

I really like the part where he was talking about needs vs. wants and how it’s good to set “false deadlines” for yourself.

I think everyone could learn something from this, so please take some time out of your day to watch it.


One thought on “Time Management

  1. Time management has been something that I’m usually pretty good at. I work a lot of hours and have a lot going on in my life. This semester though so many things have happened that were out of my control that it threw me off guard. Life has a way of changing whatever we are planning. It is still good to be on top of things. There is always a price to pay for procrastination.

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