Why Do Universities Sweep Sexual Assaults Under The Rug?


When a victim reports a rape assault, it’s the schools responsibility to launch an investigation on the account. Money and school prestige isn’t worth over a victim’s life. Evidence suggests campus admins keep rape figures low or completely don’t report it to the authorities. A study from the University of Kansas, published early 2015 in Psychology, Public Policy, and Law, found that when universities are being audited the number of reports are higher than before reviewing.

According to this study

The results are consistent with the hypothesis that the ordinary practice of universities is to under-count incidents of sexual assault. Only during periods in which schools are audited do they appear to offer a more complete picture of sexual assault levels on campus. Further, the data indicate that the audits have no long-term effect on the reported levels of sexual assault, as those crime rates return to previous levels after the audit is completed.

When the government is keeping up the schools are reporting, the spot light let’s up they sweep it under the rug. So why do they do it?

Avoiding the label “Rape campus”

Universities with prestigious names don’t want their enrollment being discourage by sexual assault reports, because too many wealthy people are linked to the school and they are also donors. If the money dries up the schools foundation grumbles, prestige goes out of the window. This leaves victims dealing with the repercussion and denied justice. Let’s hope that people in power would advocated for student and make policy changes that stop rape culture by mishandling sexual assault cases.

We can all take a stand to enhance security on campuses. Students can learn to step in and not become bystanders to an assault. Here are somethings you can do.

Know Campus resources-locate emergency phones, ask security campus for an escort and be vigilant of your surroundings.

Don’t post your whereabouts-social media services like Facebook and Instagram use geographic location, disable it for safety reasons.

Be secure-if you live on campus lock doors and windows.

Protect you beverage-don’t leave your drinks unattended, if you do get a new drink.


3 thoughts on “Why Do Universities Sweep Sexual Assaults Under The Rug?

  1. It is terrible that schools will put their students at risk just to maintain their image. Metro State does have a program to teach people about on-campus sexual assault. There are also resources at Metro for students who have been assaulted.

  2. I think the language in which rape is disgust on universities say a lot about how and why rape happens. Victim blaming and not holding rapist accountable is a huge problem. Instead of saying “woman shouldn’t walk home alone, or get to drunk, or dress provocatively” it should simply be ” Hey guys, don’t rape.”

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