Are You Pressure-promted Or Procrastinator?

I am a pressure-prompted person, as due dates get closer my thoughts become clearer. Being pressure-prompted might get your juices flowing but it has its own problems. Having a clear thought wont get you anywhere without the time to execute it, its a hard lesson am learning at this late stage in class.

Whether you are an early starter, procrastinator or pressure-prompted doesn’t mean your work is inferior. People judge each other without understanding their personality and this leads to conflicts at work and in school.

Finding Focus


Set a short, doable goal and a short timeline to get it done instead of thoughts becoming muddled and past clarity. Then reward yourself for getting it done in a timely manner. After the reward refocused to define and complete another “task”.

The short time goals will still give you a boost of energy stimulating the same feeling of being under pressure, but in essence you are working in a steady pace that wont stifle your creativity.


3 thoughts on “Are You Pressure-promted Or Procrastinator?

  1. You can use procrastination as a tool to good effect. If you are prone to writing overanalyzed (and therefore long and boring) papers, if you wait until the last minute you’ll only have time for the highlights. This will result in a more focused paper!

    I have to go now. I am being chased by an angry mob of pitchfork-wielding professors.

  2. I’m such a procrastinator on everything… where this has become a bad habit of mine. But honestly, when there’s pressure on me knowing that I have to quickly get done.. I stay more focused and that really helps me get things done where as if I knew I had plenty of time left to finish a project.. I tend to not focus as much and just do bits of it here and there.

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