Black Friday: Is it worth it?

For me coming from immigrant background, I never participate in black Friday shopping. The reason being, as a kid I believed that it was holiday that was just like Thanksgiving. As I got older and fully comprehend the American culture, I realized that Thanksgiving and black Friday are two different things. Since than I have participated in couple of black Friday sales. The first couple of times it was fun and had that essence of excitement of being out late and waiting in line to get great deals. After while it felt like I was a mindless corporate junky who would go buy things I didn’t need. Since than I barely ever go black Friday shopping.

There are a lot of people who are excited for black Friday every year and plan their week around them. There are some people who are against it for many reasons. One of them being that it is not safe with the crazy shoppers. Also that they feel like the employees on that day are not fully enjoying their Thanksgiving, rather they are forced on thanksgiving, the day before black Friday, to come in and work, or they would be fired if they don’t.

Thanksgiving is important and to other’s Black Friday is also important. This upcoming Thanksgiving weekend I have couple of advice to make sure you make out of black Friday shopping. One way is for the workers who have to work on black Friday, which technically some places starts as early as 7pm this Thanksgiving, is by having dinner with the family beforehand or make sure to plan out your strategy to prepare for this. If you are prepared for something, than you can better handle it when it comes, without any stressed involved.

Second advice is that it is not worth for someone waiting in line for hours to rush and push people out the way for what might be a good deal. Since most stores the big deals they keep hidden under sheet, so you are just pushing people around hoping that what’s under the hidden sheet is what you will buy.

Finally another great thing about Thanksgiving weekend is the end of it with cyber Monday. Where you can get similar good deals on cyber Monday, as you would with black Friday. The benefit of cyber Monday is that there is no cold lines to wait in. No people pushing you around, to get the deals. Finally you can do this in the comfort and safety of your house and have the ability to compare different stores and company to make sure that you are getting the best deal.



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