Fashion: Style

Fashion and the way we dress is statement that you make to the world! From wearing designer cloth to outfits that the match our some ways people get noticed or want to get noticed. My question is that, wearing expansive cloth or fancy cloth a good way to get attention?

Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with looking good and dressing nice. My only problem is when people go overboard in what they are wearing and the amount of effort and time they spend on it. There are some people who would follow the latest fashion and even to go to the point of obsession that they need to be update or the feel like they have failed.

There are other people who are in similar boat, where they would spend countless money to wear a brand style clothing that costs a lot, but is made for less than $5 in china. One great example that we all know of that I want to point out is Air Jordan’s. This famous brand that is famed by the famous basketball player Michael Jordan which costs from $99 to $200+. This is something that is pretty interesting because a lot of people who buy Jordan’s are middle class or below. There are many kids who see Air Jordan’s as the shoe to buy and must have, that if you have Jordan’s it’s considered like having “swag”, yet their parents can’t afford to buy it for them and or feel like they are being pressured to buy them. So their kids can fit in; this is dilemma that a lot of family’s are going through. There are also long lines when the new Jordan is on sale, which is usually a monthly thing. There are some case of people getting trembled and dying in same cases.

For me personally I wanted Air Jordan’s since I was little kid, but sadly my parents thought it was not worth spending that amount of money for a pair of shoes. So I was window shopping till about five years ago, when I bought my first Air Jordan’s. Honestly for the first month I loved air-jordan-true-flight-black-white-stealth-1and got a lot of compliments about the shows. “As you can see the Jord
an’s I bought in the picture”. After that I was really disappointment that I spent all of that money for shoes. To the point that I barley ever wear them. This is something that really puzzled me, because the moment I got the air Jordan’s, I stopped caring, because I finally got it and it turned out it wasn’t as much as It was. Next of all being broke college student, it came to my mind that I could have used that money bought to regular shoes and jeans and pants; instead of just one shoes. Over all for me I feel like if you can’t afford it, you should buy it. But if you can’t afford it, than I don’t think you should spend your or your parents hard earned to please or show off to people.



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