Healthy Eating

We all have the mindset of eating healthy and having great bodies. Yet, most of us are overweight and eat junk food like there is no tomorrow.  There are some people who watch they eat and hit the gym on daily bases. Yet, not enough of people are watching what they eat or even going to the gym, or even doing simple exercise such as going for a walk.

Healthy eating is like success, something that we all strive for and dream about, but only certain of us with great skill of self-discipline truly achieve. For those who don’t eat healthy, the first thing they would have to do is make plan. This is plan is plan that will hold them accountable and make sure that they are eating healthy and also that they are held accountable to achieving their goals.

One thing that they can do in their plan is to cut out all form of soda and replace it with water. A lot of us are on the go on so much that we tend to drink pop and coffee to give us that sugar and caffeine rush, that help us for a while, than we end up crashing. Another way is to start eating heathy by trading snacks and fatty food for vegetables and fruits.

Another way to stay healthy is to join a gym or exercise more. There is a lot of people who do have gym membership, yet barely use those memberships. One way someone regardless of how busy they are is by doing something as simple is by walking. This is that they can do before or after work. Even taking the stairs instead of elevator can be good for them.

When one really takes control of their life and their health and takes a step to their future filled with energy and freedom.


One thought on “Healthy Eating

  1. Hey Fathi. Nice post! I agree that eating healthy is one of the best you can do. Even though some obesity is genetic, I believe majority of individuals need to have better habits. I have heard about that tip you talked about drinking water instead of pop. I tried that and it really does work! I felt fuller throughout the day and I didn’t eat as much per meal. Great post!

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