Immigration in America

The article that I have posted above is from a very right-wing source on immigration and refugees.  I picked this article to see some views of right-wing sources in the media.

Immigration has always been a big topic, not just in the political aspect but a daily one as well.  This article tries to us history of America’s “founding fathers” to support their argument.  The article quoted George Washington in a letter to John Adams about immigration quoting “by an intermixture with our people, they, or their descendants, get assimilated to our customs, measures, laws: in a word soon become one people.” meaning, immigrants should absorb the American life.  That quote reminds me of what immigrates from Europe did to the Natives that were here first.  Those immigrants stripped Natives of their land, language, culture, lifestyle and history.  Right-wing conservatives tend to forget that, they themselves are immigrants from a different land.

The article also mentioned that Democratic Sen. Pat Leahy and the U.S. of Senates voted on a bipartisan to “prevent the federal government from ever taking religion into account in immigration and entrance decisions”.  Now, how is that a bad thing?  Why would someone’s religion matter?  The biggest issue that I have here, is the fact that this country favors Christianity and the foundation was build with that in mind.  It is ok and “normal” to be part of a religion that is associated with Whiteness in this country.

It is amazing on how close-minded and stupid people can be.  Especially those who are in power and create laws.  People still believe that the laws in place now are actually “fair”.  If the people creating our laws already have a prejudice and are racist, do you think that the laws that they create are still fair?  History seems to repeat itself, the Chinese Exclusion Act was the first ever law passed to keep a certain race out of this country.  Meaning their was a quota and America only took the smartest people from countries to come over here to work the lowest jobs such as cotton field picking, laundry businesses, farming and railroad building.

White Americans have been able to keep their privilege through work of immigrants of color, therefore they only need immigrants when the immigrant directly benefit them.  Yet we have to understand that whites have gained their privilege through the genocide of the Native people in the U.S. Therefore right wing conservatives have no right to continue to keep immigrants out of this country when it never belonged to them in the first place.


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