Finding inner peace is something all humans regardless of cultural and gender strive for. On this journey a lot of never end up finding inner peace, some even go the point of using vices such as drugs etc to simulate or get taste of something they believe is close to have inner peace.

For me personally this is journey that I am on. For the last three years, I have been on the journey too have peace in my life. The reason being that I felt like I wasn’t fully at peace. From not being able to control my thoughts ie getting easily distracted and not being able to fully focus because I was too busy mentally leaving in the past, that there is no peace in my life.

So on this journey I discovered something called meditation and breathing technique that I recently started dabbling in. So far, I have seen some improvements in the way I view my life and how every day is new day to be happy. Yet, doing mediation has been really difficult for me with my busy schedule. Top it off all finding a quiet place where I can mediate without being disturbed is really challenged I have faced.

Looking up on some online videos on YouTube and reading countless article on mediation I learned how to obtaining inner happiness with meditation and breathing technique. On top of that it has so many benefits like increasing focusing and control stress and better health. As I am going deeper and dabbling more into meditation and gain the most of it, benefit I challenged everyone that is reading this for 10 minutes a day to try out mediation, see how it helps their life.


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