Please do not vote for Trump

Members of my class future thinkers of America we are distend to do great things. We will put a man on mars, discover alternative fuel sources and use them, stop damaging the earth. Please let us not become part of the group that puts the second clown in office. I happen to be referring to George Bush as the first one. Click her to see a compilation of the  a couple

of things he has said

I don’t have any faith that The Donald can effectively communicate with the other World leaders. It seems that as soon as he gets mad he will ignorantly declare war. Donald trump seems as if he is going to bring on WW3.He has said a lot of hateful and ignorant things during his run to be president. I remember when I first heard that he was running I thought it was a joke soon found out that it was a reality .Then I thought hey maybe all of those guys on the street saying “the end of days is near” are right. Hey maybe if he does become president I will be assassinated for writing negatively about him and I will not have to see hundreds of years of progress go down the drain( got to find that silver lining).

If you care on election day you can vote for Literally anybody else and  I do mean anybody


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