Presidential Elections

As the presidential elections is getting near, the big question that is on a lot of peoples mind is, how come most Americans don’t vote for the president elections?

This is something I have also wondered myself. Until I learned of the many reason one can think of top of their head why most Americans don’t vote. In this blog I will talk about three of this reasons.

One great examples is that most people think that their vote doesn’t count, that only the Electoral College voters chose the president and not the voters themselves; this is the common assumptions among most of the people who don’t vote. The Interesting thing is, their votes do actually count in a way, by having the power to vote for the electoral party that will represent the voters view of who should be president. This is some of the ways to get voter voting too letting them know that their voice will be represented.

Another point for people who don’t vote is people who are out of the country on a business or family vacation, this leavote_500x279ds to them having difficulties in voting. Also others who are disabled or want to vote but don’t have access to proper transportation to get them to the voting polls. This is a common issues some people face that keeps them from voting. One way to help this individuals is by one finding solutions for their circumstance that will make the voting process easy. For people who are disabled or lack the proper transportation, having a system where they can car pool, or better yet, having the city provide buses that will drop them off and pick them up from their house to the voting location. For those who are traveling, providing a way for them to vote before others or maybe setting a system where they can still vote somehow even though they are in different country.

Finally one thing, a lot of people say is that they are really busy, and voting is burden in their busy schedule. From parents who work long hours, than have to go cook dinner or pick up their kids.  There are some people who already have plans or work night shifts. For this people one great way to prepare and make time for voting is to pre plan. What I means by this, is that they need to plan ways to vote and having them free up or make time in their busy schedule to vote. This is great way for people not stress out or feel like voting is burden, because when it’s time to vote, they have already made their schedule ready.



One thought on “Presidential Elections

  1. I completely agree with your point. There are many reasons why Americans chose to not vote. I too made the same assumption for years about Electoral College voters chose the president regardless of our chose. I took the time to understand the process of election helped me understand how my vote can still count and make an impact. So maybe having an educational program regarding how Electoral college help represent and making the right decision on our behalf.

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