The Vikings Are a Better Football Team Than The Packers

Football is one of the biggest American sports ever and like any sport, their are rivalries.  The Giants and the Eagles have a history of hating one another on the field and their fans are even worse.  The Steelers and Ravens has always had bad blood for one another even when players are retired.  I saw an interview with Hines Ward (retired Steelers WR) and Terrell Suggs (Ravens LB) before a Thursday night game with those two teams.  During the interview, Terrell Suggs said that he hated Hines Ward just because he was a Steeler.  But the rivalry that I care about the most is the Vikings and Packer rivalry.

I really don’t know how to explain it, if you were born in Minnesota and enjoy football, you just become a Vikings fan and have some hate for the Packers.  I can’t deny how good the Green Bay Packers are and their history of wins proves that.  The Vikings on the other hand hasn’t been as good and we have never won a super bowl before, we have made there 3 times and lost.

So now you might be wondering why I made such a crazy, bold statement “The Vikings Are Better Than The Packers” and is is very simple, we are the underdogs.  Everyone loves the underdogs in sports team because when those teams make it to the playoffs or the super bowl, then you know they worked really hard to get there.  If the Patriots made it to the super bowl, you wouldn’t be surprised but if the Vikings made it, you would be very surprised and excited.

The first reason on why the Vikings are better, is because of the fans.  We are very modest people, who knowns when to admit defeat.  Packers fans on the other hand will find any excuse to defend there team on why they lost.  I don’t know about you but every time I debate this topic with a Packers fan, it becomes a history lesson.  It goes a little something like this “blah blah blah Arron”, “blah blah blah Brett” and “blah blah blah super bowl wins”.  Yes, the Packers have had great QB’s like Roger and Farve but so have the Vikings.  Memorable players like Cris Carter, Randy Moss, Adrian Peterson, Matt Birk, John Randle and many more.  Those players are some of the best players to have ever played the game of football.

If you want to just count titles, then yes, the Packers are better but if you want to count the impact of the game and pop culture, then Vikings all the way.

Good luck to all the NFL team and fans of the sport, SKOL VIKES!!!


2 thoughts on “The Vikings Are a Better Football Team Than The Packers

  1. I am glad you actually took the time to write about the Vikings being a better team than the Packers, because I feel the same way. I grew up watching the Vikings play many great games but lose by 2-3 point merging. I remember watching the Dante to Randy Moss games, to Chris Cater play so hard but never being able to go far in the NFL play. Also recent, with Favre taking us into a playoff but lose due to the Saints cheating. So now I am convinced that there is a curse on the Minnesota Vikings.

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