Winter Sucks!

I have lived in Minnesota my entire life, born and raised.  So I should be use to the weather but I’m not.  Don’t get me wrong, I love living here.  The education system here is better than most states, it is very diverse within the metro area and Minnesota is a very chilled place to live.  But why does it have to snow!?  Out of all the places in the world, my family had to flee their homes and come to one of the coldest place in America.  My ancestors were not meant to live in cold places.  My dad was born and raised in Laos and my mom was from Vietnam.  Two very hot and humid places within Southeast Asia.

The first reason on why winter sucks is the snow.  Yes, it can be very pretty but that is how it gets you.  As soon as you tough the white acid, it feels nice and chilled and then it burns you.  Plus, there is so much snow that we need giant trucks to clear the roads for us.  After the snow is pushed out of the way, salt must be added to the roads to help melt the ice that forms from either pressure from vehicles, snow melting and freezing and other forms of condensation.  I have driven on 694 and 30 mph and spun out because of the horrible conditions.  Then the salt is mixed in with the water that on the ground and attaches itself to our cars and starts eating away at the metal.

Second reason the the clothing that we are all stuck wearing.  Lets face it, we all dress uglier during the winter, because it is cold out and we don’t have fancy clothing that is think enough for -30 degree weather.  Sweaters and sweatpants are my main pieces of clothing during this time of year.  I hate my winter coat because it is heavy, the scarf gets in my way all the time and I feel like I am being choked and the gloves I tend to lose on the regular.  I also don’t even get to wear my flip flops until April or May.

The third reason, is the activities that I can’t do outside during the winter.  Playing volleyball, disc golfing, basketball, swimming, walking and grilling outside.  Our summers may be super humid but if feels a lot better than frostbites and mosquitoes are tiny vampires but at least we can kill them and not feel bad about it.  During the winter season, people tend to get very lazy and not want to go anywhere and that can also lead to depression.  Winter may be a joyful season for some but to me, it is just a cold death trap waiting  for its next victim.


5 thoughts on “Winter Sucks!

  1. Steven you were born and raised in MN and you hate winter!!!! imagine my poor soul raised in a tropical climate moving to Minnesota.

  2. I moved from Tropical Climate to Minnesota. I have lived in Minnesota for about 16 years and I never get use to it. We have all the extreme weather. Summer is the hottest with humidity and winter is the coldest, it is even colder in Minnesota than Alaska.

  3. I hated winter too until I got me a truck. lol you should get 4wd for commuting and enjoy the 5 months of no vampire mosquitos

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