A Climate with no Change


For years now scientists have repeatedly, and unwavering told us that our current actions have lead us down this path of global warming and that action is needed for our future generations sake. Maybe being a Bill Nye the Science Guy generation aids in my listening ear, but it still seems like only small steps have been made, why has there been no big action towards any real change being made yet? Yes, there are options out there to help minimize our personal carbon footprint such as electric cars, using the three R’s: reduce, reuse, and recycle, and trying to use your water efficiently, but what can we really do?

It would be nice to adopt programs and habits of other countries, specifically Sweden who is leaving everyone in their dust 99% of the garbage produced in Swedish homes gets recycled and composted and only 1% of their garbage ends up in the landfill; they have waste-to-energy plants that powers 20% of Sweden’s district heating and provides about 250,000 Swedish homes with electricity. In fact they are becoming so efficient at recycling waste that they now import waste from the U.K., Italy, Ireland, and Norway! Think of the jobs we could create creating our own energy programs and plants.

I’m almost scared to say but for big change I think it is up to our representatives, but it’s also up to us to push, to let them know that this is an important matter to us. I know Bernie Sanders has environmental changes addressed as one of his issues for running for President; he wants to stop fossil fuels companies from spending billions on lobbying and buying candidates and to ban them from them working in the White House, and to end the huge subsidies benefits that fossil fuel companies get. With this hope, I’m worried how much push back would he get, would any representative get? But ultimately I’m scared of there being no change.


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