athletes and steroids

Athletes have gotten a reputation for using and abusing steroids. Wrestlers, body builders, movie stars, and guys that just want to look good at the gym .Are sports not just a celebration of human’s physical abilities. Is it not about what we can do with hard work and determination? Think about bodybuilding someone works out for years to reach the idea of perfection an Olympic body then they show us. This is why they have so many more divisions now then when they started. The drugs have changed the sport of bodybuilding from images of perfect to something very undesirable.

What are my problems that I have with it is that people are dying. One of the most impressionable times of their lives is when we are young .we look up to people doing great things and want to fallow in their footsteps. They are breaking records they jumping higher running faster and they are inspiring us. They inspire these young people who are desperate to be like them. So they take drugs to perform better and they know nothing about what they are doing to their bodies and the risks that they are taking just to look better at beach.

Many of the wrestlers and bodybuilders of the 80s are dead they are dropping like flies. Most of them die from Heart problems organ failure all problems associated with taking steroids the price of getting big. My problem with steroids is it is not what the person has achieved on their own.


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