Baby It’s Cold Outside

Winter is here, although this year in Minnesota has seemed to come in like a lamb, it is finally here. I felt I should do a friendly little PSA on sheltering your pets specifically dogs in the winter. Now I know every breed of dog is different and there are those made for our weather, but it is the neglect of an owner’s responsibility I find non-the-less is inexcusable. The Human society has the listed requirements for sheltering your dog, so if you have an outdoor dog it’s always good to keep up to date with laws, and being able to recognize animal abuse. If you are not sure who to report to if you see a pet in harsh conditions humane society is a great resource.


A little bit off tangent, and it’s a bit of older news, but I was so excited when I saw it that the FBI is creating a list of those who abuse animals, since torturing of animals is an early sign of a serial killer.

All animal lovers, and I hope all sane people, will understand the absolute disgust and horror of any form of animal abuse and I hope that no one turns a blind eye, and helps because there is help out there.


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