Blog 1: Like I Said, We’ve Been Here Before

People like Donald Trump make it easy to blog about this like it’s some shatter point in history, where the actions of one generation either doom or save greater humanity. Unfortunately, Trump doesn’t represent an extremist or recent trend.

He himself is the descendants of immigrants who suffered the backlash of what was then history’s most destructive war and least stable economy. And despite all of the obvious parallels pointed out in the article between Trump and fascists, it seems the world at large is unaware or willing to largely ignore this sickening irony.

Which brings us to you. What can you do, and why? You CAN recognize that we as a culture may be gearing up for one of those decadal fascist relapses that never seem to stop. You CAN refuse to accept this, and make use of your academic resources to sharpen your rhetoric. Most importantly, you CAN then denigrate fascism and it’s supporters in all contexts of your life. In short: study history, then beat people over the head with it until they get the idea.


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