Blog 3: Lesser Of Two A-holes

Take a perusal through this article, and you might find yourself well swayed by the points made. Nothing directly wrong is stated of Donald or Theodore, and both are depicted appropriately as divisive and disingenuous bigots. Trump’s flexibility is fairly contrasted with Cruz’s zealotry, and even in terms of qualification, DT seems the smarter (relative) choice.

However, the point where I diverge from this argument is in the suggestion that Cruz would make a worse President. Don’t get me wrong, I fully agree the man is a dangerous nut whose election would likely precipitate global war. But here’s my position: The man can’t get elected at all.

Follow your polls and heed your religious peers all you want. Hell, you can be like me, fingering American culture as inherently pandering to such extremism. But a basic knowledge of politics tells you that while Cruz is more ridiculous, Trump is more electable; and not by any small margin.

So while the author asserts that Cruz represents a threat to whatever common interest held between humanity and Trump, I would instead posit that any campaign advantaged gained by Cruz is that much less radical conservative support for the comparatively moderate Trump, thus rendering both candidates less than likely to even be nominated for candidacy, much less elected.


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