Concept of beauty and the struggle to achieve it

What makes someone beautiful? Now that is a loaded question. People do drastic things to achieve their concept of beauty every day. There are people that put on so much makeup that they do not even look like the same people anymore. Corsets will they are cute and help with the hour glass look have been taken too far in many cases seriously people are passing out. The most drastic is plastic surgery  I forget who said this first but the quote goes like this “ America is the only place a poor black man can become  a rich white women”  this is referring to Michael Jackson who had so much work done to his nose that it  literally fell off.

Our idea of beauty is influenced by the media but most of us still know what we like. Men have to be muscular with very low body fat and women have to be really skinny with back breaking  big boobs (the idea of our favorite anorexic comes to my mind Barbie).Barbie and Ken the idea of beauty blah … I just threw up a little. There is a real life Barbie and Ken are they really “beautiful”? please tell me what you think. Has anyone else flipped through a magazine of models and thought they are the idea of beauty but I am not personally attracted to the majority of them. It’s because they look unhealthy and we are able to see that.

I doubt I am alone here; there are many things that come into play when I think of what makes a person beautiful to me it’s not a shallow one dimensional picture. There are many qualities that are relevant  Personality, intelligence, moral you get the idea  .There are a lot of really attractive people that are quite horrible human beings  you don’t have to look to hard everyone knows one.

In my opinion we should try not to become “beautiful” but beautiful people try becoming the best versions of ourselves. What is that?  Right well I wouldn’t be able to dictate what that should be for you but for me its happy benevolent, healthy, confident, strong willed, free thinking person.


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