Fox News Debate

In our world today where information is readily available at our fingertips, it’s hard to decide whether the information you are receiving is reliable. Even our news stations need to be warily listened to, the all too well known Fox News earlier this year had to apologize for four separate instances where they made anti-Islamic comments, I do not have a problem with them leaning to the right wing politically, but when you are suppose to report ‘fair and balanced’ news and instead manipulate, exaggerate and spread falsehoods it is hard to take anything they report as truth. Not only have they just recently been making outlandish and offensive reports but also they have been doing so for years!

By far my favorite interview that has actually popped up on my Facebook feed is, and you may have already seen this, if not the video is listed above. It is quite an embarrassing interview for the Fox News anchor woman, how did it get to be that the people who are to bring us the news are not well informed and have such closed minds. The professionalism, fairness, accuracy, and neutrality that are suppose to go hand in hand with journalism has been left in the dust and they end up purposefully pushing false information. Now it is up to the viewers to sift through the information to get to the truth themselves, as we are our best journalists.


One thought on “Fox News Debate

  1. An important message in succinct statement. I applaud this post, and I go further to argue that such extremist politics from any source is enough to permanently brand that source as propagandizing.

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