Blog 2: No Time To Be Coy

At the risk of sounding like a clichéd leftist, I think it’s high time someone got properly honest about the disturbing similarities between America’s conservatives and Europe’s fascists.

Where to begin? Well the reactionary opposition to socialism and the promotion of a racial purist ideology are the obvious convergences. It almost feels banal to even mention them. Alas, there are many more to mention instead.

For example, fascism and US conservatism both vary wildly in their many persuasions, but all share in common a foreign policy that favors military action, especially on a scale that blurs the line between a combatant and a noncombatant. Both ideologies are also by necessity authoritarian and moralistic, to the extent of posing a greater threat to everyday life than any of the scapegoats both are known to use (foreigners, liberals, etc).

Most interesting, I think, is the similar hypocrisy one finds in both ideologies. Conservatives in America are well known for their syncretism, the only usual constant in their positions being a general support for a preexisting cultural hierarchy. Like fascism, such hierarchy is organized around ethnicity, sex, and religion; in a manner that discourages or outright demonizes social mobility of any kind.

But the really important reflection between the two is in their self perception. Conservatives and Fascists alike consider themselves vanguards of an order dedicated to preserving a supposedly perfect society: One without all the ethnic diversity or economic equity which challenges the status quo. And both have proven themselves willing, even eager, to bring the world to war for the sake of their own power.


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