Processed meat increases the risk of cancer.

We all knew one day that hot dogs will kill us all. The W.H.O has conducted a study on processed meat like bacon sausage and ham can cause cancer. I have been eating red meat since I have had teeth looks like I am screwed. The W.H.O has said ,preservatives that are added to the meat and the why that they are cooked, the amount of the meet we eat, how we add flavor all of it can increase the risk of cancer. It’s probably best to switch to a  more vegan lifestyle.

This was from hundreds of studies .there are many opinions out there on if we are even ment to eat meat at all.if you look at the similarities we have to plant eaters vs meat eaters we have a lot more in common with the plant eaters. Eater why I have grown accustom to eating meat so I doubt that I will be giving it up completely.http://


One thought on “Processed meat increases the risk of cancer.

  1. Hate to be this guy, but the WHO didn’t bring any news to the table besides ‘we caught up now’. Processed meats have been a well known cancer risk for a hefty amount of time, and for a similarly hefty amount of time, they’ve been known to be less carcinogenic than the average American chemical vice.

    As for the herbivores thing, I’d be curious to know what similarities exist between humans and foragers that don’t exist in greater abundance between humans and hunters. Like, we have carnivorous incisors, digestive tracts chemically calibrated for meat, and even a genetic history of insectivore lifestyles that predates upright walking. We have the forward oriented vision of most predators, and brain activity wholly dependent on the high calorie diets enjoyed by pre-industrial-agriculture carnists.

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