Mental health is a serious issue here and around the world, and even if a person knows whats wrong with them, they don’t seek help. The reasons are plenty but one that concerns me personally is stigma. Stigma is defines as a mark of disgrace associated with a particular circumstance. Ethnicity and cultural views on the matter bring about many set backs despite the problem being the same.

As human beings, its our nature to fear what we don’t understand, so a person with mental health problems fears the disgrace and stigma of being called the crazy one. Their overall health doesn’t come into account, its overshadowed by the opinion of others. The problem is, keeping it all in can lead to suicide, depression and anxiety.

The fear with mental illness is inferiority when it comes to tribes, neighbors, friends and family. In developing countries and some parts of America people still believe their family will suffer and any chance of belonging to a community. If you seek help, you are weak and you exposing you dirty laundry.

I have struggled with Migraines and anxiety for quite a while now, i didn’t know why i changed so much, who do i talk to about my issues? Who even cares, the world is full of people worse than me? That thinking almost made me give up on school and work. Finally i went to a hospital and got the help and tools i need to deal with my anxiety. Now i am there for anyone who wants to talk, i tell them to get help because they have one life to live and that life should be free of destructive behavior.


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