students should not have to take so many classes to graduate

For most of the degrees I have seen there are between 30 and 40 credits that are specific to the what you want to go to school for. To complete a bachelor’s degree one would have to complete 120 credits. That’s 80 to 90 credits that are extra. Why so many? Why should I have to spend so much money taking many subjects that have nothing to do with the reason I am in school in the first place. .why do I need to pay for a chemistry class, biology, physics class, advanced algebra, acting, if I took them for free in high school. I had great teachers the first time around. How about freshmen composition I took 12 years of English and I still suck at spelling.

The school system should let people move on to what they have come to college to do. I should not be forced to sit through the same class, how am I to stay engaged in the material. Has anyone ever seen are you smarter than a fifth grader? How much of history have you forgotten just because you did not have a need to use the trivial information? They should offer prerequisites in high school so I do not have to Waite to take them when I graduate. My last year of high school I graduated with 15 extra credits and half the day off every other day. That is a lot of wasted time and if I get into college and have to take classes I passed over again then it is just a wasted money.


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