White Genocide ?

White genocide when I heard it I was on line and I clicked on the video, I was shocked somewhere in the world people were killing off white people just because they were white that’s wrong. I had to do something! I had to learn more. Well I did some research and I found a list of videos on the subject watched them right away! My reaction was this must be a joke. The videos were not about genocide but about the face of Europe. Real unspeakable things are happening all over the world to people and this is what they complain about (first world problems).

These people did not want the white race to mix with other races. They talked about immigrants the white land being flooded with immigrants. How white people will go extinct and that they will not have a place to go. I cannot say that I believe that at all.  People have been migrating all over the world for as long as they could walk .No one is forcing them to date outside of their race, or make friends with any one they do not want to make friends with.

I guess we all have to remember the one drop rule that makes you not white. What a ridiculous thing if you are mixed with European and Asian somehow you are not half European and half Asian .no one is a hundred percent anything that’s an idea that was made up by people hat did not know about DNA. What is so bad about more mixed people on the planet? The answer is nothing at all let it be that we all love who we want and live where we want it is our earth. We should be able to live on this planet in peace without the obvious racist who do not actually care about the rest of the growing world. Maybe it would sound better if they did not share a lot of the same views as people who are openly racist.



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