Blog #3: The Big Jump

There are many differences making the big jump from high school to college such as actual time spent in classes is considerably less in college than in high school, creating much more free time, college professors spend much more time lecturing and expect students to read and study textbooks on their own, etc. For me to have success in college the biggest difference between high school and college is the studying. You are not taught how to study and many of us spend hours studying so I have attached the best study tips, so you can get the most out of your time.

1. Study in places other than the library. Some people enjoy silence while studying, while others enjoy some action. Find a place that’s both interesting and allows you to focus.

2. Find some study friends. This can make studying fun.

3. Go to class. Going to class is a method of studying and can help you improve on assignments and exams.

4. Don’t just re read material, get creative. Make flash cards!

5. The day before a big exam, don’t cram. In fact, don’t study at all. Relax!

For more study tips see the link below. Happy studying!


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