Blog #5: Lives Matter

This is an opinion post regarding top news. You don’t have to agree, but the best part of disagreeing is you are able to strengthen your own argument and opinions regarding a certain issue. I encourage you to seek opinion blogs frequently, as it allows you to gain information and also think about perspectives that may be different from your own. In another way, you may agree; but agree in a different respect. This too allows you to broaden your perspective.

With that, I would like to speak on the Black Lives Matter Movement in Minneapolis. Most recently, another black male was shot and killed by police. Witnesses say that he was handcuffed and on the ground before he was shot, but police claim he was not. Unfortunately, this is a familiar story of police brutality. Only this time it is close to home. It’s not so far away anymore. The Black Lives Matter Movement in Minneapolis has been protesting for issues across the country, but since the killing of the man in North Minneapolis, the movement has been in full swing. They are demanding fuller investigation and the release of the video footage of the incident. The movement has been protesting in front of a police station in North Minneapolis and they refuse to give in until justice is served. Enough is enough. The article below provides more insight into the movement and the small progress that will call for big change.

Overall, it is important for everyone to be aware and to understand the racial injustice that is destroying people, communities, and this country.

Make yourself aware, get educated, and help make a change! You can make a change just by making others aware and starting a conversation!


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