Feel Guilty Because You Don’t Give At The Register? 2 Reasons You Shouldn’t!


I’m standing in line and I can hear the clerk ask the person ahead if they would like to donate to some cause. I immediately started to think of what I will do. Then, what will others think of me if I say, “no”?

I then start to rationalize why it’s alright to say “no”:

“I always give; it may not be to this specific organization. But I give when I can.”

“I’m not a bad person. I just do not want to donate a pound of coffee every time I want to buy a cup of coffee for myself.”

“I do not need to feel bad. Just say “no” and act like your not even paying attention.”

Being asked to donate at the checkout register feels like I’m being put on the spot. Am I evil if I say “no”? Good Scout did a survey and 55 percent of people liked being asked to donate at the register. But 35 percent did it because they felt guilty.

I shouldn’t give because I feel guilty. I should give because I have compassion for others and want to support good charities. I also want to know about the actual organization and how are they spending the donation money.

It’s hard not to follow the pack and say “no”. But the next time your at the register, will you donate because you want to or because you feel like you have to?

There is a blog post at MultipleMayhemMamma.com, its about transparency and being pressured into giving at the register. These are two great reasons why we do not need to feel guilty about saying “no” at the register.

I think it’s alright to question even when we are giving to charities. Look at how the Wounded Warrior Project is using their donation funds for lavish spending.









3 thoughts on “Feel Guilty Because You Don’t Give At The Register? 2 Reasons You Shouldn’t!

  1. Interesting read on the MultipleMayhemMamma blog. She makes a good point that most times the clerk probably doesn’t even know what the cause is for or how much of what you donate actually goes towards it. Getting asked to donate to a cause is so common nowadays. I don’t know if I’m just so use to saying ‘no’ that it comes naturally without ever putting much thought on what people behind me are going to think. I just want to keep moving through the check lane. That’s probably why I never stop to ask the clerk more clarifying questions about the cause. Thanks for sharing though, it helps me view it from another perspective.

  2. CBS exposed The Wounded Warrior Project a while back. They spoke to more than 40 former employees who described a charity where spending was out of control, mostly on lavish parties, dinners, and company trips. I find it hard to trust most charities in our current system.

  3. Great post! It reminds me of PetCo where they have a sign at the register and ask you every time if you will donate to homeless pets. I am not one for being pressured to give my money away and always respond with a firm “Absolutely not.” They are playing on the heartstrings of pet owners just because people are shopping at a pet store. I should not have to feel bad about not spending money on something as vague as “homeless pets.”

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