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With the increase advancement of smart phones growing, I have been putting some deeper thought into how it may impact my aging parents.  Even though smart phones have been around for over a decade, my parents still use the flip phones as their cellular choice.  I can’t blame them though.  I don’t think there has ever been any real desire to learn how to use a smart phone.  The flip phones meets their needs.  It is simply used for the purpose of making outbound calls as well as a way for others to contact them.  But say in the near future, flip phones become extinct and my parents’ flip phones also gives up on them.  What will they do?

So I took into account and researched what options are available for seniors or older parents when it comes to purchasing a smart phone.  But also, what are seniors looking for in a smart phone?  I found that the Emporia Euphoria, Emporia Smart, Kisa Smartphone, iPhone5S, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and Jitterbug Touch 2 were named the best smartphones for seniors.   The Jitterbug Touch 2 has very neat features targeted towards the older generation adults and people with disability.  I really liked the Med Coach feature to keep track of medication with a quick log to record the medication.

I think this information will prepare me when I help transition my parents to enter into the world of technology.

For a one stop shop, read


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I am a current student at Metropolitan State University majoring inTechnical Communication and Professional Writing. This major interested me because I've always enjoyed writing. In 2007, I graduated with an Associates of Science Degree in the paralegal program at Inver Hills Community College. I work in a law firm in St. Paul, MN as a paralegal. My job duties requires a large amount of writing and communication. I feel this major will benefit my professional career and my personal life because of my day to day interaction with others both oral and written communication.

2 thoughts on “Smart shopping

  1. I really enjoyed reading your post. I feel like I am in the same situation as my parents are wanting to get better phones. They are going to Europe this May and they want to have internet access right in their hands. I think the hard thing to get use to it the cost of the phone line and then the addition of the data charge.

  2. I think you picked a timely topic. This definitely is a transition that a lot of elderly people are going through. My experience with my wife’s grandparents is that even though they are open to using the technology they have a very hard time learning how to use it.

    Phones are for talking. Family members occasionally text her grandparents and get interesting results. A lot of times they read the texts, but they don’t know how to respond to them. I remember watching her grandfather trying to take a video at a wedding reception, but he was in picture mode and the flash must have gone off like 25 times.

    I have more stories of older family friends too. The point is, it is difficult for them to learn the new technology. I don’t worry about it as much for the current elderly generation as much as for my own generation. Some of us, like me, prefer not to have a smartphone, and it is getting harder and harder to avoid using. I often feel I am on the edge of society, and may miss out on job, or school related opportunities because I don’t move at the same pace as a lot of other people.

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