The old and new ways of PR marketing

infomercials Coca-Cola-Facebook

Remember when the old marketing ways were limited to just commercials, radio stations, newspaper ads, billboards, and the unforgettable paid programming specials that came on late nights and Sunday mornings. Well, the new rules of PR has introduced our worlds to many new interesting and extremely convenient ways of marketing, advertising, selling, and purchasing goods online. TV commercials was a “mediocre”way to advertise a product, but if you advertise it on the internet where a majority of the worlds population participates atleast weekly if not daily.Tv commercials can get extremely pricey; especially during big events like the SuperBowl. Companies are paying billions and billions of dollars for less than a minute of airtime. Whereas so many people around the world use the internet now; it honestly has the potential to reach the same, amount, if not a higher number of people. Lets use Instagram for an example, so many people are uploading pics and viewing their timeline during commercials vs actually watching the commercials; so why not bring the commercial to instagram? Problem Solved. A lot of companies are even incorporating customer care departments dedicated to social networking. Meaning if a customer posts a bad review about their product on social networking; the customer care team will reach out to them to try and rectify the issue. These are all tactics that are fairly new; because internet is fairly new; just introduced in the late 90s. It really took after the millennium. Ever since then, advertising online has been huge. Whether it has taken place on Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so forth.


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