Voters Suppression

What is voter suppression? Well, to put it in basic terms it’s when strategies are implemented to make it harder for individuals to vote. Specifically, individuals of a certain race and/or economical status. The motive in this is to sway the outcome of an election. Some tactics that we have seen in the past vary from: requiring photo identification cards, providing misleading/unclear information about where to vote and what time, denying felons their right to vote (even after successfully completion probation/parole *in some states), having short/unrealistic voter registration deadlines; with harsh penalties for late submissions, voter locations far away from public transportation, along with a plethora of other tactics. Many people argue that all of these tactics enable people of color, low income, and disabled individuals to exercise their right to vote. For example, many low income people don’t have reliable transportation. Therefore, they relay on public transportation; but if voting locations are blocks/miles away from public transportation, that is enabling their right to vote! Or the fact that many people of color have felonies; some decades old with no new offenses. Just because someone has a felony doesn’t mean they’re a bad person. They likely just mad some bad choices; as we ALL have a time or two in our life. However, many people of color don’t have the means to pay for a private/high-buck attorney. So, people of color are more prone to getting a felony. Along with being prone to having more run-ins with the police for constantly being racially profiled against. Although laws are being passed to prevent these unfair and unjust actions; at the same time more laws are being passed to introduce more enable strategies to “suppress voters rights”. It’s heartbreak; but unfortunately I don’t see this issue getting any better anytime soon.


2 thoughts on “Voters Suppression

  1. In this year’s upcoming state legislative session, there is a bill that has been proposed to reinstate released felons voting rights. This is an interesting concept that seems to live beneath the surface of the common perception. I am following this legislation for another class and look forward to seeing the results.

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