Skate parks are good for society

A group of 40 year old guys must travel to Denver Colorado in order to skate a quality skate park.

I grew up in St.Paul and now live in Minneapolis. My whole life I have respected and loved living in the Twin Cities. The only thing that really bothers me is that there is no real investment in public skateparks and there are very few places to responsibly ride a skateboard in the Twin Cities. Without going into intricate details about how a skate park can benefit a community I am going to share this article about six benefits that a skate park will provide. Communities around the country and even the world are making investments in world class skate parks. We should also.

In my future blogs I will share stories of how skateboarding brings people together and how skateparks have physically and socially gentrified communities around the country.



2 thoughts on “Skate parks are good for society

  1. Todd, in addition to all the benefits of skateboarding will bring, I think it should just be viewed a form of sport. The city park and recreation built trails, playground, baseball fields, tennis courts and so on. Why can’t they build a quality skateboard park? Maybe it’s time to campaign for one.

  2. There is a group that is working with the City Council and they have gotten approval for two locations in the city, however there is no money. This is a difficult time and place for people to open up their wallets for a bunch of skateboarders when they would like to see more baseball players.

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