The Merc with the Mouth

My boyfriend and I joined the masses over Valentine’s Day weekend and saw Deadpool, twice.  Its not often that I get to get my geek on so  I was a little over excited.  The general hype about the movie was the R-rating: was this a good thing for marvel? Should this continue to be a trend for this genre?  Movie ratings and reviews loved the movie citing its deviation from the routine superhero movies as a positive with room for more realistic violence and language. Of course the Box Office numbers didn’t exactly hurt Fox and Marvel’s case for another R rating.  One article mentions how Netflix has already succeeded with shows like Jessica Jones, who struggles with topics like PTSD and alcohol abuse. In contrast the author also mentions how Hollywood might also attempt to re-create Deadpool’s success with more fourth-wall breaking, foul-mouthed superheroes. I am in agreement with the author’s opinion that this would not be in Marvel’s best interest since this is a trait unique to this  character.   Since Hollywood tends to go with what works it doesn’t seem out of the realm of possibility.

The common thread between the two writers  is that there is room for improvement in the superhero franchise.  Audiences are ready for more daring content and an R rating is no longer a death sentence for Box Office numbers.  If done correctly, Marvel will continue to see success with movies without the of a  PG-13 rating.

While I don’t discriminate on movie ratings, R or otherwise, the idea of posing other superheroes and fictional characters in the same way Deadpool was done seams redundant and lazy.  In an ideal world Hollywood would listen to audiences over box office numbers and copying a template that works. Only time will tell what they decide, but I’m leaning toward Hollywood producers doing whatever makes the most money.


One thought on “The Merc with the Mouth

  1. I havent really thought about movie ratings too much since I turned 17. I remember that I could buy one R rated ticket, but if I wanted to buy 2 someone over 18 had to do it (stoopid.)
    Anyhow, I think rated R movies are more able to keep it real, which often translates to more interesting. Anything below R might translate as “family friendly”, which translates into “less fun”, for me anyway.

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