Social Media is the new foundation for Social Movement


Social media has played a very critical role in today’s society for a lot of reasons. Without social media we had  limited amounts of publicity to confront issues that need nation wide attention. Radio play was probably the easiest to air out problems or concerns that people had in communities in the USA if you were an average american citizen. The news is filtered, along with other televised programs that address the worlds problems. Social media gives everyone a voice and a membership to bring attention and awareness to whatever you feel is worth being talked about.

Social movements are being constructed all over the nation to create collective action to bring awareness on overlooked issues that stem from inequality. The Black lives matter movement is a huge social constructed movement thats has been birthed by racism, injustice, racial profiling, and senseless killing by the police without being prosecuted.  Black actors and actresses have teamed up to address the non-diverse award shows like the oscars to bring attention to the unfairness of nominees being selected. By making videos go viral that inform others of obvious issues that occur in our everyday lives, it forces the social network users to talk about it. The news and television shows have failed to release information on a lot of issues going on in america. It makes you wonder what type of agenda is being placed by the owners and authorities who give permission on whats to be released to the public.

The approach system stems from these movements being unfairly treated, so they came up with a couple goals, and strategies to try and change the system that is in place. The avoidance motivational system is the base of the social movements because this is the system that created the movements from causing anxiety, pain, sorrow, depression,humiliation, ignored, fear, anger, and even human lives. Experiencing so many negative emotions will create a domino effect in a sense because it knocks everyone down, but you have to pick everything up to play the game again. playing the game again is when you have taken a loss in life but then you must find a way to win by strategizing and coming up with a goal. By playing the game of life you are learning; so experiencing a loss has prepared you to do better the next time around. This is where hope and enthusiasm is built, because now you know what you have to do to win the game. You also must take into consideration that the game is being offciated by a unfair official; but its in your genetics that you have hope, and that feeds your enthusiasm.

Speaking about certain issues can become combustible for another person because everyone has beliefs and opinions. Some people like the way the world is and can’t imagine themselves being on the other side of the totem pole, but what about the people who are on the other side?  I wonder how they feel? Does everyone have a cognitive empathy trait?  shouldn’t everyone collectively team up to create social transformation so everyone is happy, and at peace so we can live a decent life?



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