Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) Are they safe for consumption?




GMO-food production is a very sensitive issue within the United States and especially in the European countries. Opposition from organic consumers and environmentalists as well as doctors and scientists are raising concerns about the safety of GMO-foods and are pushing for strict regulations and policies reform on GMO-foods which include labeling of all GM-foods.

According to this blog post by The Organic Center, GMO foods are toxic and may have long term unknown health consequences. They urge that GMO foods should be labeled. The link below details there position on GMO food products and why it is unsafe.

In my opinion, they lack the evidences to prove that GMO food products are not safe. Conducting experiment on rat may provide results that are bias if the experiment is done by party who favors the argument. It’s best to have it done by independent party who has no interest in the issue. In addition, there are also no real life effects on people and animal that consumed these GMO products on a daily basis.  The information in the video linked below that was released by CBS Network suggests otherwise. I personally believe that our societies in the world today are much interconnected. When something happen such as Ebola, the world quickly responds to it. All media organizations made it headline. Government takes action on how to prevent it from spreading. The world had consumed GMO food products for decades now. If it is unsafe, I believe the world would’ve reacted the same way and GMO would’ve been banned a long time ago. I believe GMO-food products should have ongoing and long term monitoring and evaluation to determine its effect on our health just like any other food products should.



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