Reality Stars for President?

Thomas  McKenzie’s Blog post This Isn’t Funny Anymore: Why I’m Voting Against Donald Trump brings up real,  valid reasons why this man would make a terrible president. Thomas McKenzie is a man of the cloth and in his opening let the audience know :

“I do not believe that pastors and churches should endorse political candidates or political parties. I don’t allow “voter guides” or any other kind of party-politics at our church. I don’t even tell people who I’m voting for in elections. I love the fact that people of every political persuasion go to our church, and that my friendships are trans-political.”

McKenzie also mentions his reasons why Trump is not an ideal candidate.   Summarizing that he is racist, sexist, holds violent attitudes, among many other attributes.

I agree with McKenzie, but:

McKenzie’s opinions about Mr. Trump align with mine.  I am not here to argue that he would  be a wonderful president or push another candidate on anyone.  My problem is with his later paragraph:

“On Super Tuesday, I will be voting against Donald Trump. If he happens to become the Republican nominee, I’ll have to do the same (or not vote at all).  I would prefer to vote FOR someone. I would prefer to find the candidate who most closely aligns with my Christian beliefs. But, not this year. This year I’m choosing to do what little I can to protect us from a Trump presidency.”

I take issue with the paragraph because I have heard many say if Trump is nominated they will simply not vote, same for Hillary.   Democrat or Republican, I have heard this form both sides.  Elections are heated and the candidates my not be ideal but it seems childish not to vote if you don’t like who’s nominated.  I  know how the voting system works and how the electoral college is tallied but if this is done on a large scale; how would that effect votes.  If everyone who normally votes Republican just decided not vote at all does it leave just the Trump supporters voting? Do they outvote the others? Or is his support just really low and he gets stomped by the competition? Is that a game we really want to play?  Of course this is all hypothetical since the nominees have not been chosen and I am not a statistics expert.



3 thoughts on “Reality Stars for President?

  1. Thanks for interesting post. I think it is sad to not voice your opinion by refusing to vote. If people want to make a statement that they are not happy with the two choices presented by the media and the electoral college, why not consider at least voting for a third party candidate? Friends have told me this is a waste of a vote, but when the choices reach a certain low voting for a third party might help give the both sides a reality check and help them start listening to voters more.

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