1995 vs. 2016

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Growing up, I was exposed to basketball and with that, I watched the greatest Michael Jordan until he retired in 2005. But even after that, I watched replays after replays in hopes to learn to be like him. Then, Lebron James started to make a big buzz in the NBA next to Kobe Bryant, of course. In 2010, Lebron James decided that he would “take his talents to South Beach.” James along with Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh, took their team to the NBA finals in their first year as a team and won. They proceeded to win the year after, but lost in the NBA finals the third year. James decided to go back to Cleveland, his home and the first team he played with prior to Miami Heat. James made some changes to his lifestyle and improved as a basketball player. When he started out his year with the Cavaliers, it is the best that he has ever played. However, James has had a target on his back since he left Cleveland the first time and then became a better player with a better team.

I found this blog, by Kevin Rudy, who talks about sports and statistics. I came upon posts that talk about Lebron James and comparing him to players. LeBron vs. Jordan? Hey, What About Tim Duncan?

After reading into the post, I noticed he was not a huge Lebron fan. He would acknowledge the skills he has, but would never conclude with how great he is and or never give him teh full credit. After the conclusion, I saw links that were related to this topics. I found another post from 2013 comparing Lebron to Jordan. LeBron vs. Jordan: Is There a Comparison Yet? Then I found another post asking if Lebron played significantly worse in the NBA Finals? Analyzing Data: Did LeBron James Play Significantly Worse in the NBA Finals? Then it made me think, is it fair to compare different eras? When Michael Jordan was playing, he was playing against some great players who can’t compared to the different level of players today. It makes sense to compare Lebron to Kobe. To put this into a different perspective, would Larry Bird be a great shooter today like he use to be? Well, he would be one of the great shooters, however I think we all know that Steph Curry knocks him out of the park. It isn’t fair to compared players from different eras. Back then,
Larry Bird was the best shooter. You can tell he is a not a Lebron James lover and throughout his three concluding paragraphs, he makes his bias known.

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Is it fair to compare? #jordanvslebron

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2 thoughts on “1995 vs. 2016

  1. I definitely agree with you can’t compare Micheal Jordan and lebrun James because they were two totally different eras in time. We should bring up questions that make more sense, like if Jordan never played basketball, would Lebron James even have an interest in basketball? I would like to just admire the talent that each individual has as far as versatile skill sets. Steph Curry is a great shooter and all but back in Larry Birds era there were different rules and regulations to the game. Lets just acknowledge the hard work and dedication these athletes possess to even make it to the professional level.

  2. I am a huge Micheal Jordan, and Kobe Bryant fan by the way. I understand that Lebron James and Steph Curry are the next players to be the face of the league, but i do recognize people like Kawhi Leonard and Damien Lillard who are quiet upcoming players that also can put impressive statistics up every night. Instead of being so judgmental
    I realize that the athletes are humans just like me. Great Topic!!!

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