If you don’t think U.S. Healthcare Cost Matter, Think again.


According to the 2014 International Profiles of Health Care Systems, in 2012 United States spent $2.7 trillion on healthcare cost for our population of 313 million people. If we compare our population to that of 10 other developed nations such as Japan, Germany, France, Canada, Australia, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, Netherland, and United Kingdom, they have a combined population of about 490 million people and all their healthcare spending combined together is only about $1.9 trillion, almost a trillion dollars less than the United States.

With this huge amount of expenses on healthcare one would think that the United States probably has the best healthcare system in the world. The answer is NO. In the same year the World Health Organization (WHO) ranked the U.S. at 37 with France being the # 1.

With this massive amount of money being spent on healthcare, is the United States the healthiest nation on earth? The answer is still NO. The U.S. doesn’t make the top 10 healthiest nations in the world. But 7 of the countries listed above made the list.

With this crazy amount of tax payer and out of pocket money spent on healthcare, United States ranked 17 in mortality rate and 7 of the nations mentioned above made the top ten with fewest mortality rate.

So, what is wrong with the U.S. Health Care Systems?

Please see the links below for what Dr. Mercola has to say about the failure of U.S. Health Care Systems, a news broadcast by CBS, and a presentation by Dr. David Belk.


According to a blog post by the Huffington Post, Physician in France made about an average of $96,000 a year compare to about $187,000  in the United States for the same services.

Another post released by Forbes predicts that by 2022 U.S. Healthcare spending will hit $5 trillion. Are you concerning now? If not, you need to be because $5 trillion is a super big deal for the future of this country and for us as citizens.

How are we going to fix this problem? Let me offer my very basic opinions.

  1. Stop supersizing Americans. America’s eating and drinking habit are going in the wrong direction. When I was in Germany, you hardly find any restaurant open after 2:00pm. Lunch is over. And you can’t go to dinner before like 6:00pm. Our food consumption habit and lifestyle contribute hugely to obesity and many other health problems which drive healthcare cost up exponentially.
  2. Provide preventive and quality healthcare which focusing on curing and healing and not disease control to maximize profits.
  3. Promote healthy living through recreation and diet management.
  4. Follow examples of healthy nations and adopt their practices

I also believe our Health Care Systems in the United States is a much bigger issue that required serious actions from the government to make policy and regulatory changes and systematic changes within government agencies and the healthcare industry. So, electing those who concern about this matter into office will be a good step in tackling the issue.

Another way is to join healthcare advocate groups such as the Health Care for America Now organization and help bring awareness to the issue. Stop the money making agenda of the health insurance industry and the pharmaceutical industry. They are ripping the American people off.

The bottom-line is who is going to pay for the $5 trillion. If we do nothing, we will pay the price of $5 trillion in 2022. Doing something about it is the only way to bring changes in our democratic society.

2 thoughts on “If you don’t think U.S. Healthcare Cost Matter, Think again.

  1. Great blog, very necessary topic. The fact that in 2022 the US will spend about 5 trillion on health care is extremely alarming. I think Capitalism plays a huge part in contributing to obese citizens because of the press that comes along with it. We should be utilizing social media for issues as such, but our country is to worried about money and competing with each other.

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