No More Art For Kids?



My kids and I went to the Minnesota Institute of Arts during their spring break. They have been to museums before and I wasn’t sure if they would be interested. Other museum experiences have been very interactive and Mia is not; meaning you may not climb or touch!

Turns out they loved it!! They even let me obsess over the Jane Austin Reading Room.



We were there for two-hours and didn’t even come close to seeing everything. I am so happy that they are excited to go back. They left talking about what they could make to place on exhibit. Chase was all about star wars.



So, why do others believe that art programs are a waste of time? I ran across a blog and the author writes…

“…We have far too long allowed our children to be distracted by trivial things such as music, art, and dance. These are not important in life and therefore should be banned from schools throughout the nation.” The Cynical Idealist, The Mango

I was glad when reading the comments; that most people were against this point of view.



While watching my kids, I saw the inspiration in their eyes as they entered each room. They were overwhelmed with what use to be and how they were now connected to that.

The author’s point of view  is all that this article is. I feel they are writing in anger and focusing on the need to compete with “other countries.” Emphasizing that teaching our children art and music will make our future generation weaker than their enemies.

Not only do I disagree with this article, I disagree with this way of thinking. Why do we need to teach our child that they are in competition with other countries? Why are we afraid to let children explore and not follow what interests them? Finally, why are we pulling children into something that is not really about them?

There is this great document called Twenty Six Reasons Why Art Is Good For Kids; it lists the multiple benefits of arts influence on kids.


2 thoughts on “No More Art For Kids?

  1. Very interesting read, and the images helped the blog tremendously i think. The star wars picture was great also. I think things like music, art, and other extra curricular activities for our youth help bring out the artistic skills in them. Taking away such a thing would harm the children coming up in todays era, especially with technology developing. I agree with the response from the comment t someone made in one of the images that said maybe the author who believes that will not have children.

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