Volunteering…It’s a We Thing!

Wish you could make a difference? Well wish no more! There’s this awesome way of contributing to society it’s called Volunteering!

Volunteering is an awesome and productive means to helping others, making new connections and adding value to us all.

Did you know that there are many benefits to volunteering. Benefits include but are not limited to the following; helping other’s, supporting a cause/organizations, it can give you purpose, new skill sets, valuable connections and sometimes can be a segway to new career opportunities.

I personally have volunteered many times myself! In 2008 I joined AmeriCorps and worked with a non-profit organization to help advance, developed and create programs for their participants and more. I’ve also started out as a volunteer and then been hired by that organization.

Volunteering  has many facets and ways that one can offer their services. So if you are looking for ways to help, in your community and world, I encourage you to tap into volunterism!!

Sites I highly recommend are; 







One thought on “Volunteering…It’s a We Thing!

  1. I’ve volunteered a few times and it’s all been as a student. While volunteering in your community and outside of it is a good thing, it’s tough to make it appealing to those who either don’t have the time due to work schedules or can’t really afford to travel to wherever and commit to the time needed, or the myriad other issues that come up. I think it’s too bad that those who aren’t affected by these things and can afford to volunteer in their’s and other’s communities usually don’t. An individualistic society just isn’t set up in a way that really puts a lot of effort in the glorifying volunteerism. Though, I think with a lot of collective cultures, that arrived with the more recent immigrants (say in the last 30-40 years), that are here in this country and are having an impact on American culture, there is a solid chance that collectivism can permeate the American psyche and maybe volunteerism could become more smiled upon and taken up more frequently by a large number of people.

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