Should skateboarding and the Olymics go together





I think that it is great If some people want skateboarding in the Olympics, however there are a lot of lifelong skateboarders who argue that Skateboarding is being added into the 2020 Olympics for financial gain by big corporate entities which go against everything skateboarders believe in. Skateboarding is seen as more of an activity of artistic expression or a lifestyle. There are no coaches or protocol when it comes to the act of skateboarding. For most people skateboarding is a community instead of a competition. For me I don’t believe Skateboarding is fit for the Olympics but if skateboarding is made an Olympic sport then it will put pressure on the city of Minneapolis to build a facility for skateboarding where we can train for the Olympics. Minnesota must establish an Olympic Skateboarding Committee and I’d like to take part in that if it ever happens.


Here is the petition for no Skateboarding in the Olympics!



I Personaly don’t want to see skateboarding part of the Olympic games however it is certain to have a positive impact on future skate park development in Minneapolis so I will welcome it in.


2 thoughts on “Should skateboarding and the Olymics go together

  1. I would like to hear what the judges would say at an Olympic Skateboarding competition. Maybe something like “Dude I was totally stoked about your grind before you bailed your land. You aint nothin but a poser yo, 0 points.”

    1. Yeah, the skate lingo is that of surfer bums of the 60’s. There is a similar freedom of expression that lends to many skateboarders living the party life. Someone said that skateboarding will not make the Olympics because none of them would pass the drug test. That is an accurate assessment for many skateboarders in my opinion. It’s also kind of funny.

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