Nanny Laws are still a problem in Minnesota

Don't do this Mn

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Perhaps you have heard that flavored tobacco is still a problem for our youth? If you have heard this, you no doubt have seen one of the many relentless advertisements put out by a group called Clearway Minnesota.

Here is my personal favorite:

In this video, we have an “ice cream man” who is tempting kids with the many different flavors of candy they love. Only the candy flavors are flavored tobacco and he is freely selling the product out of the back of his ice cream tobacco truck.

Who is going to argue with these Clearway people? They make it seem that if you argue with them, then you believe selling tobacco to youngsters is appropriate. I can be relatively sure that there are no ice-cream men selling flavored tobacco out of the back of a truck to the hopeless youth of Minnesota who don’t know any better.

I will say this,  I think all of this new anti-smoking propaganda is being sensationalized and is affecting those of legal smoking age much more than the people they claim are being affected.

Some of their arguments are a downright flimsy. Here is a link to the tobacco is still a problem page.

One statistic states that “about half of MN teen smokers smoke menthol”. Their next statistic says “Menthol cigarettes increase teen smoking”. If about half are smoking Menthol, then it is almost an even split between Regular and Menthol smoking teens. I really do not see how “about half” smoking Menthol is increasing teen smoking.

The Minneapolis City Council recently increased the price of flavored tobacco and cigars on Jan 1 2016.  Customers who were paying $1 for a single cigar before the increase are now asked to pay $2.80 per cigar!  Its not just flavored cigars either, cigar flavored cigars that weren’t tempting kids somehow got wrapped up in this.

Who can I complain to? I don’t feel like I should be shamed like the “cigarette ice cream man” just because I sometimes want to enjoy an inexpensive cigar.

I just would like to say that these ridiculous (with good intentions) nanny laws telling us how to live our lives are only going to become more prevalent and ruin the world we live in. I wonder if anybody will speak out when alcohol prices triple?


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2 thoughts on “Nanny Laws are still a problem in Minnesota

  1. I don’t agree that by passing laws like that would solve smoking problem. They think by making it more expensive will deter people from buying it but I don’t think that’s a good strategy. Trying to make tax revenues from smoker is even worst. There’s gotta be a better solution.

  2. Nanny laws; that is funny and a great way to put it. The government needs to know where they can help society and where it is none of there business. The prohibition didn’t work, and taxing smokers to death won’t save them either. I work at a group home where guys get a small allowance each week, up to $15. The first thing they do is go buy “squares.” Instead of giving them less money each week we try to educate them on what smoking does to them, and how fast the health benefits start once they stop.

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