Not happily ever after…

It seems in the past decade or so, the volume of mail ordered brides have gained a lot of popularity in the United States. Many older American men are going to find young women in poor infrastructure countries to become their bride. A lot of these marriages usually end  up with a lot of emotional, verbal and physical abuse to the women. The women are being controlled and manipulated by these older American men.

In the magazine, Marie Claire, a 25-year-old women, Oksana Makarova shared her story about how she met her American husband and after he brought her to the states, the abuse began.



When Panyia Vang’s story came out, I was astounded to hear a voice – and not just any voice, but the voice of a child bride – speak publicly. Vang shares the horror of getting tricked into thinking she was given an opportunity for a job in a music video, where she lived in Laos. Instead, Vang found herself raped and later became pregnant with the American man’s child. She came to the United States and was culturally married to her child’s father.

How does a woman find herself in this type of predicament?

The wrote an article on mail order bride that said, ‘There’s way too many cases in which those girls looking for a better life end up in bad stories of domestic abuse and even murder when those guys start realizing that the girls are way out of their league and they start to meet new people and making friends.’

There are too many stories similar to Vang and Makarova that should not go unheard. It could lead to much bigger ordeals, sometimes very life-threatening, because the women often find themselves with nobody  to turn to for help. When someone is unsure of the signs in an abusive relationship, this guide shares information about the signs of abuse and when it is time to leave the relationship or seek authority for help.


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I am a current student at Metropolitan State University majoring inTechnical Communication and Professional Writing. This major interested me because I've always enjoyed writing. In 2007, I graduated with an Associates of Science Degree in the paralegal program at Inver Hills Community College. I work in a law firm in St. Paul, MN as a paralegal. My job duties requires a large amount of writing and communication. I feel this major will benefit my professional career and my personal life because of my day to day interaction with others both oral and written communication.

One thought on “Not happily ever after…

  1. This is such a sad reality. It reminds me of Ian’s earlier post about his experience with abuse at home. Abuse can take on many forms and come from many different situations. This particular scenario was new to me. However, it makes sense that the abuse could come later in the relationship as the ties are weakening and while the newly immigrated wife is still somewhat dependent and vulnerable.

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