The United States was founded under the principle that WE THE PEOPLE have the right to speak and act against what we believe is not just to our people and that was to pay taxes to the British government. As a result it sparked the Revolutionary War.

As we continue the pursuit of liberty in our new land, we found that it was not good. Slavery was wrong and unjust. The Abolition Movement eventually brought us the Civil War.

Since then, our country continues to revolutionize against injustice.

The 1930s Labor Movement

The 1960s Civil Rights Movement

The Anti-War Movement of the late 1960s

The Tea-Party Movement of the late 2000s

Occupy Wall Street Movement 2011

And Black Lives Matter Movement 2014

When the American people know that justice does not serve its purpose, they will speak about it, they will act on it. They will make sure their voice is heard and something is done about it. That was the only way changes can take place in America. In one way or another, these movements have shaped America into what it is today. America’s democracy is not perfect. It needs reform to meet the challenges and issues facing the American people as we move forward. We don’t know what the next movement will be but we know there will be more movements taking place in the future.

We understand that each movement has its own agenda to achieve or issues to overcome. According to social scholars, “People participate in protest to express their grievances stemming from relative deprivation, frustration, or perceived injustice.” (Berkowitz, 1972; Gurr, 1970; Lind and Tyler, 1988)

Let’s look at the Black Lives Matter Movement to see what they are fighting for. This link here by The Washington Post will detail their goals in they plan to accomplish.

Whether it’s the left wing, right wing, or whatever wing, all issues matter and the American people need to know what each movement really going after. See below the agenda of the Tea Party Movement.

As citizens of this country we must not forget the very principle this nation was founded upon. So, I think when there is a group of people speak up about something, it is best that we listen them to see what the issues are and help find the best and fairest possible solutions to the issues. For sure we will not be able to make everybody happy but compromising on a common ground should allow us to move forward as a nation.

Listen to these music “America The Beautiful” and “God Bless America” and have a great day.


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