Neda Press release

NeDA is the Neighborhood Development Alliance located in Saint Paul, MN.  The purpose of NeDA is to help low-income members of the community increase their credit scores and work toward becoming debt free.

“Providing quality and trustworthy counseling services for more than 25 years” -NeDA Mission statement.

Recently NeDA supported the students of the Guadalupe Alternative Program, a school located in St. Paul,   create a savings account and obtain a  credit score. Students put an amount of money into account with NeDA matching the dollar amount.  After 6 months if the students increased the money in the savings account the matched dollars became theirs.

Programs like Kids Save along with other counseling services make NeDA an asset to the community. Not only does this provide  value to the program but it gives a sense of security for later generation. Buy a home, become debt-free, avoid foreclosure, and invest in your future are the central ideas that NeDA wants to push out to the communities.

Become a part of NeDA and contact us at 651-292-0131. Located at 481 Wabasha St. South, Saint Paul, MN 55107. Visit out site at


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