Is Blogging Even Worth It Anymore?

I don’t think so. Not for me anyway. And now there is evidence, in the form of a blog, which can be taken or left behind, because there is only so much validity attached to blogs because they’re usually more emotional than factual. Or maybe they are factual. I don’t care. I’ll never do one outside of this class because there is this “factual” piece that tells us that blogging in 2016 is out. That’s not the only reason, but the blog I linked to is like a good book, it doesn’t tell you anything new it just corroborates what you already know.

If you don’t want to read the link, the gist of it is this, “Starting a blog on the web in 2016 means missing out on the biggest opportunity this side of the Internet: network effects businesses on mobile. These are newer, better — and most importantly, easier — options for creating a thriving brand your audience will opt into faster and more successfully than anything you create on the web.” Link to Mightybell if you want to see if it would work for your brand. Looking at that site just makes me want to work as a janitor the rest of my life where I’d hopefully be part of a union with decent benefits. Just put in my 40 hours a week and be done with it.

Now, please allow me to pretend that I know what I’m talking about. Since technology is ever changing, so is the way we use it. And unless one is passionate or overzealous about the subject or subjects they blog about, then no one is going to listen to, or read them anyway. There’s also the fact that it’s pretty much dominated by corporations, so most of the people who still try to blog naively think that they can reach a large readership and that the stuff they read in books or online about how easy it is to reach a large audience online is true. All they need to do is persevere; whether that entails weeks, months, or years.

I Pop

Pictured: Perseverance

Unfortunately, like 99 % of Youtube authorship, most of it can be equated to just being a hobby, or a channel in which to vent or keep creative juices flowing, both of which are an an attempt to give life some sort of meaning or the creator a sense of control in an otherwise chaotic universe. What I’m saying is don’t expect to put a lot of effort into creating videos, or blogs in the hopes of getting a lot of views (That two weeks of practice getting to know Cinema 4D fetched me 16 views). It’s much better to upload videos of someone getting kicked in the testicles.

Blogging is already reaching Jurassic status, from a technological standpoint, and technology is a bit like trends or fashion, which are of the same genus (or somewhere between genus and phylum, I’m not a scientist), the similarity I’m trying to point out is that they resemble one another in that fashion really points out the weak spots in those of us who are aging and trying to look young and relevant. The point is we usually look stupid trying to pull that off. And as technology keeps evolving, most of us that are aging, or perhaps people like me, don’t want to waste their time figuring out how to use apps that dumb down our vocabulary and slowly do away with the patience we’ve worked so hard to build and maintain. Perhaps those of us who are aging don’t care about staying ahead of the curve and don’t care about starting our own business or having a website that outdoes other websites. Maybe we just have a website to house our portfolio so we can send a link to prospective employers and clients and that’s good enough for us because business is essentially inhuman and makes us worse for being involved in it.

Maybe the janitor route isn’t such a bad thing. Does anybody have any connections to that? If so, I find you and your life to be very interesting suddenly. That’s how networking works, right?



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