Cool Moms, Not Regular Moms

I ran across this article that was highlighting a funny take on Mother’s day cards.


The one thing that I have always made clear to my kids, who are nine and six; is that I do not want them to buy me a gift, but how about make me a card.

The reason for this; well there are a few reasons. First, they are nine and six; their lack of employment and transportation makes it hard for them to go a get something. Next, I started to really see what Mother’s day, Valentine’s day, Birthdays, Father’s Day and Christmas have in common; a focus on gifts. The whole point is missed on these days.

Why not do things different? Show the person that you being there is more important than a gift.

Here are a few ways to celebrate the people you love in your life without breaking the bank and focusing on the gift of time:

Mother’s Day: Make a card for your mom, grandma, aunt, sister, whomever was a great influence in your life. Delivering it by hand makes it extra special!

Valentines Day: Take you Valentine out the day before or after Valentines; then you can avoid the crowds and the sticker shock when you get the bill.

Birthdays: Call the person on their Birthday; do not send them a message through social media. Try to set-up a time to get together.

Father’s Day: Hang out and grill at your dads, grandpa’s, uncles or brothers, whomever was a great influence in your life. Just being there shows you appreciate them!

Christmas: This is a favorite at our family’s house, it’s called “Crappy Christmas.” It is where you find crap in your house, wrap it and play the dice game. It’s fun, and you may like others people’s crap! It takes the stress out of buying presents and cleans out your house at the same time.

So this Mother’s Day, take the time to make a card and give the gift of time; memories last forever!









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