Summer Do List…

If you’re like me, you’re ready for summer! Living in Minnesota has so many perks; the cold weather is not one of them. So, when the warm weather stars to approach, I start making my summer do list. This is not a list of odd jobs around the house; it’s a list of fun places to visit in Minnesota in the summer. Last year it was our summer of parks, the kids and I tried a new local park each week; giving the park ratings from a one-start to  five-star. This year, I am going to expand on this by making a list of new places they/we have never visited before.

I went on and started searching for some neat places to visit. This is what I have found so far…

First on the list, the Historical & Cultural Society Of Clay County in Moorhead, Minnesota. The Hjemkomst Center museum has a Viking ship replica!


Next on the list, the Historic Fort Snelling in Saint Paul, Minnesota. The views of Saint Paul and the river are breathtaking.


Another is going to be the Wabasha Street Caves in Saint Paul, Minnesota. I think the kids would really think this is cool, especially if they get to bring a flashlight!


So, what are your favorite places in Minnesota that are kid friendly too? If you have a chance, go visit the website. I was shocked to find out there are so many places to visit in Minnesota.


3 thoughts on “Summer Do List…

  1. This was a really fun post to read! I love Minnesota and I was actually just thinking yesterday of making my own list of things I wanted to do this summer.

    The Oliver Kelly Farm is a great place to take kids or adults. It is a historic farm that operates the way they did in the 1850s, including workers in costumes.

    1. Thanks for reading my post and for the suggestion. The Oliver Kelly Farm sounds fun. We are adding it to the list!

  2. Cool pics, I like how they are instagram of a photo of a photo. Im going to do the same.

    IMO “kid friendly” is almost interchangeable with “no fun” 🙂

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