Today We Lost A Musical Genius!! Prince!!

I can’t help but to write about one of, in my opinion (and so many others) the lost of Prince! I am a fan who feels as though I lost a family member!

Prince was such a pioneer and creative artist on a multifaceted level! He was an artist who like light was translucent in his music and being! He captured the hearts of many near and far!

A legend in his own musical right, he crossed over in everything from R&B to Rock & Roll! He played the Guitar and piano as if they intuitively knew his every whimsical chime!

I am heartbroken and joyful at the same time!

His music and his beautiful persona has put him in a category of his own! This is so surreal, but he will be forever remembered and never forgotten!!

R.I.P PRINCE.. We Love You!! They’re will never be another like you!!
This isn’t nearly all the commentaries I could write.




3 thoughts on “Today We Lost A Musical Genius!! Prince!!

  1. Prince is bigger than most people will ever know. People who didn’t experience the day’s of Purple Rain will never quite understand the magnitude of what Prince meant to the music world. The world lost a very very good MAN

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