Our human species has a history of being able to turn one thing into another such as stone into cooking utensil and hunting weapon. This unique capacity is what set human apart from the rest of other living organisms. I think it all starts with an ideological evolution. Someone comes up with an idea of creating something to serve a purpose and that creation is being put to through some tests and it’s eventually being either accepted or abandoned.

That was the Stone Age but now let’s explore today’s Digital Age and let’s look at the Sproutling baby monitor bracelet for instance, this device is invented by the evolutionary cleverness of the human kind to help monitor infant’s vital signs such as their heart rate, temperature, and sleeping position throughout the night. Isn’t it a very smart innovation? Who doesn’t think so when it helps parent monitor their babies from a distance at night without having to get up and visually or physically checking the baby.


Trending Digital Fashion:

Yeah, let’s create more wearable digital technology. A watch that tells you how many steps you’re taking a day, how many calories you’ve burnt, and the distance you’ve taken. It’s now in jewelry and clothes and who knows where it’s going to go in the future. Most people are already stop reading printed books now. Kindle becomes its replacement. As an article stated, we are “Turning Textile into Tech Styles.” We could be looking into digital implantation in the near future as someday wearable may become uncomfortable.


Unintended Consequences of Technology

Technology will someday invade every aspect of our lives. If we don’t understand its purposes and benefits, it will just be another invention that goes to waste or creating more trouble. Something may come out new but in no time it will be replaced with newer things that are more advanced and complicate. We will make mistakes and the product will be misused which will only become a problem instead of a solution.

Parents will leave baby in the car or at home and rely on the wearable to monitor the baby while the making a quick trip to the store. It will also easily become a distraction for parents who keep on looking at the monitoring screen. Data reflection can also give false reading at time as any technological device usually does and may unnecessarily create unwanted anxiety.

We are just talking about the wearable technology here. If we are to explore other technologies that intrude our lives such as iPhone, iPad, games, TV, and Computer that exist everywhere, at home, at work, in the car, and in public places, we would see the magnitude of the impact.  We cannot ignore the fact of unintended consequences of technologies and how it impacts our way of life, the environment, and other habitants of earth, just within the last century.

Please check out these websites to read more and see what wearable technologies are out there. You may be surprised to learn what’s existed!


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