Let Prince Rest In Peace

      I figured I would jump on the Prince bandwagon here, as the nonstop media deluge is making it hard for me to focus on much else. As I write, it has been 3 days since Prince was found dead at his home at Paisly Park Chanhassen MN. Im sure we all know the story by now.

In only 3 short days, the media stories are starting to report what I feel are trivial details about Prince’s last days. Sure it’s a big story, and with somebody as famous as Prince, any little bit of information can and will be spun into something that is “news-worthy”.

One story that I found to be grasping at straws, is his shopping list for the Electric Fetus on Record Store Day 4/16/16 , link below.


Apparently Prince bought the following CDs:

1) Stevie Wonder, “Talking Book” 2) Chambers Brothers, “The Time Has Come” 3) Joni Mitchell, “Hejira” 4) Swan Silvertones, “Inspirational Gospel Classics” 5) Missing Persons, “The Best Of Missing Persons” 6) Santana, “Santana IV”

What a scoop! I feel like I know the guy after seeing what “one of his last purchases” was.

Im sure that as time goes by, there will be more details about the last days of Prince that will come to light. Maybe we will finally find out what the last sandwich he ate was, or when he last went to the bathroom?

Whatever happened to letting somebody rest in peace? A cause of death would be an appropriate news story, but these inane details are tiresome.

Just a rant, RIP Prince..



2 thoughts on “Let Prince Rest In Peace

  1. People just don’t realize what a world wide phenomenon Prince is. Paisley park is going to be the new Graceland and people will be traveling here from across the world just to see the place. We are very fortunate to have had Prince living in Minnesota.
    Prince was also an early adopter of the internet and he used to communicate to his fans through a website called love4oneanother.com where he would announce his invitation to his fans to come out to Paisley for a free concert or an all night dance party with a chance of him playing live for his fans. The announcement would go out at 8,9,10 o’clock at night and if you were lucky to have an internet connection you could show up and see Prince for free in a room with only 30-100 other people. I will for sure miss him.

  2. We love you prince, and the nasty media will not stop being so negative. Thank you for all you have given me personally. May the lord God rapture you soul when Jesus return. Rip love you.

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